All You Need To Know About Black Hat SEO

All You Need To Know About Black Hat  SEO

Black Hat SEO  is the calculation of actions contrary to the guidelines for  webmasters  of the main search engines. These strategies seek to alter the SERP result  through actions that confuse search algorithms. Attributing a relevance to a website for one or more  keywords  that is not legitimate.

They are not recommended practices and techniques  , which can give us results in the short term but do not provide improvements, since they are not designed to improve the experience on the web or the user experience

Some characteristics of this technique are:

  • They defy the norms and rules that search engines propose.
  • They interrupt the navigation of users due to the techniques used.
  • Cluttered pages, with many visible words without meaning to the user.
  • Possibility of malware on the website.

Among these practices are the purchase of links, SEO bombing campaigns  ,  redirection of domains ,  spinning of texts  or the exploitation of PBNs.

What Are The Black Hat SEO Techniques?

People who use Black Hat SEO to improve their visibility in search engines have had to look for alternatives so that the algorithms do not penalize them with the idea of ​​appearing “natural”.

  • Cloaking . This SEO technique allows you to display different content depending on whether it is a user or a search engine robot that reads it. This is intended for web crawlers to only focus on the optimized portion of the web or blog. To this day it is practically in disuse.
  • Spinning . This technique creates articles reusing different original texts. It is a simple way to generate content. It is done through software that automatically modifies content through synonyms or changes of order and words. The Google Penguin program is a tool to detect these practices.
  • SPAM in forums and blog comments. It consists of putting worthless comments on blogs manually or automatically with the intention of getting links to our website.
  • Keyword Stuffing. This technique consists of the excessive use of keywords within a text, in order to give relevance to this word. To prevent Google from penalizing these techniques, the texts must be written with the aim of providing value to the user and adapting it to the profile of the public.
  • Buy expired domains. Technique of buying domains that have expired but still retain authority to set up a new website or redirect it to where we are interested.
  • Link SPAM. Create a high number of low-quality blogs and websites for link building purposes to other websites to improve their positioning.
  • Buying and selling of links. Buy and sell links on high PageRank or Domain Authority websites to gain notoriety and improve rankings.
  • Page hijacking. Create a similar copy of another page to make the search engine believe that this copy is the original and gain higher positioning.
  • Negative SEO. Using techniques to harm the competition and your positioning. Some techniques is to speak ill of her, with mass sending of bad quality backlinks or sending them SPAM.
  • Hidden text. Technique designed to show hidden content within text that only trackers can see. In this way, only the optimized part of the page is displayed, adding value even to visitors.
  • Messy pages. Disordered pages are presented with the keyword to be positioned anywhere on the site. The pages are placed without meaning and the content does not add value.

Due to these practices, Google releases regular updates that seek to eliminate from the SERPs those pages that use these practices. Some of the best known algorithms devised to fight bad practices in web positioning are  Google Panda  (which analyzes the content) and  Google Penguin (which analyzes the backlink profile ).

Is Black Hat SEO Illegal?

The Black Hat Seo is not an illegal practice unless another website and google will exclude it from its services. However, those people who are experts in Black Hat Seo, in one way or another, manage to deceive search engines to continue promoting their evil strategy to benefit financially. 

So that search engines do not see that you use this technique, it should seem that you are having a 100% natural seo positioning, but it is not an easy task.

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