All About Non-Traditional Marketing

All About Non-Traditional Marketing

Non-Traditional Marketing : Technological changes also attract new behaviours, and that is precisely why we can now speak of two main types of marketing: digital and traditional; a pair that, far from being opposed to each other, has proven that it benefits from mixing its actions in creative and intelligent strategies.

To make this happen, it is necessary to know what each one is about and what its characteristics are. Let’s start with the basics:

Definition Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing (or online marketing) are all actions and strategies that use the internet, digital devices and online platforms to promote, sell or communicate everything related to products or services, customer service and performance monitoring. .

Now, let’s see what defines its counterpart:

Definition Of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing (or offline marketing) refers mainly to all sales, promotion and communication strategies that occur outside of digital environments, whether in media such as television or printed newspapers or activations in physical stores. 

And now that we have established their definitions, let’s talk about what makes them different from each other:

Differences (Non-Traditional Marketing And Traditional Marketing)

  • Focus
  • The media they use
  • The reaching
  • The ease with which your performance is measured
  • The cost
  • The level of engagement

The approach

Due to the fact that in traditional marketing the audience cannot fully decide the advertisements that they will see.

The media they use

You probably already sensed this difference: digital marketing lives in environments related to the Internet, such as advertisements on websites, publications and campaigns on social networks,

email marketing, blog content, chatbot attention, among others. 

In traditional marketing , other media are used that also have reach, but do not depend on platforms or devices that must be connected to the Internet, such as television channels, radio, print media, billboards, actions in physical stores, telephone calls, etc.

The scope

The above then explains the scope that each type of marketing has. Digital, by relying on internet connection, can remove geographical boundaries from your strategy. That is why it is easier for a business that has an online store to be promoted throughout the country, instead of only in the city where it is installed.

In the case of traditional marketing, there are sectors of the market that still do not have the access to the internet that digital strategies need, so it is easier to reach the audience on television or radio, if the product or service focuses on the problems that those people face.

The ease with which your performance is measured

The truth is that digital marketing can be measured and, therefore, corrected faster than traditional marketing . Because digital tools are used to consult results in real time, bad numbers are avoided and the waste of resources is reduced. In addition, it is easier to track the origin of leads or customers, what they buy, and what really interests them.

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