5 Key Trends That Will Shape Email Marketing In 2021

5 Key Trends That Will Shape Email Marketing In 2021

The impact of COVID-19, the speed in the introduction of technologies and the increase in the volume of email campaigns will mark email marketing in 2021.

This is revealed by the study carried out by Validity, in which it has analyzed the impact of COVID-19 in the field of email, as well as the technologies and good practices that will have an impact on the increase in the volume of email campaigns.

These are the 5 key trends that will mark email marketing in 2021 according to Validity:

Successful Email Will Continue To Be Targeted By Cybercriminals

  • Since the emergence of COVID-19, the number of email attacks has increased by 67%, and attacks popularly known as “the CEO scam” and technically called Business Email Compromise (BEC) are expected to continue to grow. during 2021.
  •  To this technique are added others such as phishing, ransomware or the distribution of malware through email. In general, according to data from the security manufacturer Mimecast, the sending of spam increased by 26% and that of blocked clicks by 56% during the first 100 days of Covid-19.

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The Use Of Email Authentication Technologies Will Increase.

  • Standards such as DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) will help companies to authenticate that their domains are legitimate and provide tools for users to identify their messages as safe.
  • At the same time as BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification), which is already in production at Verizon Media (Yahoo!) and operating as a closed pilot.

The Use Of Richer And More Personalized Content Will Grow

  • In order to be more relevant to users, the campaigns will increasingly deepen the quality and relevance of the content for the specific user they are targeting. We will see campaigns segmented by the motivation of the user when subscribing to the distribution list of the brands (for example, if they are more interested in the products or in the lifestyle). 
  • Technologies such as AMP for email will allow marketers to bring web experiences to their customers’ mailboxes by incorporating interactive elements such as views, confirmations, purchase buttons, and more.
  • This will reduce conversion friction, ensuring that subscribers are ready to buy before they even visit the sender’s website. With this type of technology, brands will take more advantage of the possibilities of augmented reality, virtually recreating the traditional experiences of the physical store, by offering trial services before purchase.

Brands Will Increase Their Commitment To The Email Marketing Channel

  • There are several indicators that budgets for email marketing campaigns will tend to increase. The latest DMA study “How to Win Trust & Loyalty” has revealed that consumers prefer to use email as their channel to receive marketing messages. 
  • The proven effectiveness of email as a marketing channel and the broad ROI it represents put it in a unique position to attract more resources in budgets dedicated to generating business for companies.
  • According to data , companies dedicated 13% of their marketing budgets to email, while the channel was responsible for 19% of the company’s sales – and it is presumably that the 2020 ROI data will be even more email-friendly.


  • Businesses need to massively change their business strategies, and they rely on your data to help them find the right ones. In the case of email marketing, data is more critical than ever to ensure message deliverability.

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