Simple And Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies To Achieve Success As An Agent

Simple And Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies To Achieve Success As An Agent

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Having a good real estate marketing strategy and tools are essential when it comes to having a successful career as an agent.Everyone around you should know what you do, because everyone needs to buy or sell a house at some point in their life or knows someone who needs it. You can never take back a first impression! Therefore, it is important that you reflect and plan a Marketing strategy, as well as the objectives you seek to achieve with it.

To do this, we share some ideas that will surely be very productive for you.

Create Your Online Presence

Whether you are new to the sector or have experience, it is very important that you have your own website. We have access to technology at our fingertips. Every day, seven days a week. Consumers search for everything through the web. If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. Of course, this does not mean that you should create it that is not your job. Invest in yourself and pay the people who have the talent to make you known.

Ask For Recommendations

Working with people who know you is a win-win situation. After completing a transaction with a buyer or seller, it is important that you continue to maintain contact with your customers. These people and their experience are the best references you can have and the fact that they share their pleasant experience by word of mouth with their friends and family is the best advertising you will have access to. In turn, as you work on a transaction, ask your client if they know anyone who may also need to buy or sell a home. You cannot receive if you do not ask.

Lead generation is a fundamental tool, regardless of your experience in the sector. In fact, we started networking as soon as we left our house in the morning. Your cafeteria, your hairdresser, at the bakery, supermarket…. Always make sure they know you are a real estate agent!

When you leave your children at daycare or school, the parents of your children’s classmates, their teachers, everyone should also know your profession you don’t have to go with a card stuck to your forehead, but people love it talk about themselves when you ask them questions about family, occupation, their desires. The topic of houses always comes up in those conversations!

Plan Open Days (always with the highest level of security)

They are the famous “Open Houses” so typical of American movies. It is a day in which anyone who wishes can visit the property offered for sale without an appointment. This is an action that captures a lot of public attention, but at the same time it is an ideal opportunity to attract new properties and obtain contact information for home buyers.

Always accompany these days with some snacks to be able to have a conversation with the visitor and of course, comply with all hygienic-sanitary prevention standards.

Be Active On Social Networks

People need to see and feel your advice, support, help and protection in such a complex process with the purchase and sale of a property. Facebook is an excellent marketing resource. However, you should create a business Facebook page to be able to reach a larger number of people, as well as make advertisements. With very little investment you can reach many people who adapt to your audience.

Write Personal Notes

The personal touch, kindness and humility are highly valued aspects in any business. When it waspersonal_notes-real-estate-marketing-strategy the last time someone showed you that they were thinking about you? A statement like this can change a person’s day significantly. To do this, we recommend that you write two personal note cards a day.

Support Local Businesses

Becoming the agent in your area, the reference agent, is easier thanks also to the collaboration and joint help with the businesses and establishments in your area of influence. To do this, it is always important that you share your experience and recommend your favorite businesses on social networks; restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, shops, etc. This has a double benefit for you: on the one hand, you will make your clients see the mastery and knowledge you have of your area and it will be a gesture that merchants will never forget and will always remember you when recommending the services of a real estate people.

Collaborate With Professionals In The Sector

This is much easier if you work in networks, since you have access to the offer of your entire network, both nationally and internationally, which increases the chances of success considerably. For example, if you work collaboratively and you have a client who is looking for a property that you do not have, surely one of your network colleagues has what your client is looking for. In this way, satisfaction and results come sooner for your client and your chances of success increase. It is also important to belong to MLS-type real estate exchanges or collaborate with an agency in the area as long as you know their professional ethics and they work exclusively.

Provide Your Clients With Secure Zoom Meetings.

The Zoom app was not well known before to 2020 and the epidemic.Since then, we could see the enormous potential of this platform for working with clients. For example, Zoom is an incredible tool for reviewing and explaining documents with buyers and sellers.

Offering virtual meetings like these is also a great passive marketing strategy. This is because not only are you building a strong relationship with your client, but your client sees how you adapt to all situations to offer great service.

Another way to show your clients or potential buyers that you value their security is to offer a virtual tour of the property.

Keep In Touch With Former Clients

Contact your clients annually to thank them for their trust or for recommending you to friends and family. This will strengthen your “presence” and help ensure that you are always the first agent your client thinks of.

Carry Out Service Work For Your Community

Collaborating with those most in need is an action in which you not only help those who need it most, but it also helps you feel good, to see that you are in solidarity with your community and to position yourself in all areas. In this helpful environment, you can also contribute your knowledge about the sector and find collaborators who need your services as an agent.

Create Your Own Monthly Newsletter

It is very important to maintain contact with your clients and potential clients also indirectly. It is the best way to remain in their memory and for them to think of you and have your contact information when they need real estate brokerage services. The best way to achieve this is by generating a newsletter. To avoid overwhelming your audience, launch it once a month and incorporate valuable content such as posts about advice, the buying and selling process, the situation of the real estate sector in your area and your new acquisitions. At REMAX our agents have a platform from which to create and launch this type of content very easily.

Advertise In Your Area

One of the finest ways to stand out is by your daily actions.  To do this, you can hire advertising for supermarket carts, the backs of tickets or the bread bags of local bakeries. A very simple way to reach customers in your neighborhood!

Become An Active Neighbor

Regardless of the area you live in, there are sure to be many events where you can make yourself known. Obviously, these are not the best times, but when we return to normality you should definitely consider participating in these types of activities. Local festivals, exhibitions or concerts are spaces where you can also make yourself known. Another option that is now very feasible is to be an active member of Facebook groups in your area, neighborhood or town.

Launch Your Own YouTube channel

Don’t be ashamed to go on camera, little by little you will do better. You have a lot of information to contribute and a YouTube channel is ideal to make it known, as well as to publicize the properties you have for sale.

Write A Blog

Many people are looking for information about the buying and selling process. As a real estate agent, the public will always perceive you as an expert in the field, and an important way to inform is with valuable blog posts. To do so, you must commit 100% to this medium. You need to choose a topic, break down the elements of that topic, and make sure you provide enough information to satisfy the reader. All this in each post.

Writing a blog is not a one-time event and it will take effort to appear on the first page of search results. To do this effectively, you must demonstrate consistency, possibly by writing weekly or biweekly posts. Weekly. If you don’t demonstrate this commitment, you will lose potential readers.

Pay Close Attention To Customers Who Endorse Your Work.

A recommendation from a client is the best cover letter every agent can have. Thus, real estate-marketing-every time they recommend you, send them a thank you card and include that testimonial on your website. At the same time, it is very important that you ask your clients to make that recommendation on your social networks and in your Google Mybusiness space.

Hand Out Useful Promotional Items

Prevent these objects from ending up in the trash, otherwise your investment will have been of no use. Give useful things like umbrellas, pens, key chains, letter openers, etc. with your contact information!

Go To School Events With Promotional Clothing

If you decide to create polos or t-shirts promoting yourself, a good place to wear it is at school. Promotional-clothing-real-estate-marketing your children. When you go to take them or pick them up, it is normal that you start conversations with the parents, and what better way to make yourself known than by carrying your own advertising.

Offer A Workshop For Buyers Looking For Their First Home

Take advantage of your professional network and count on the presence of professionals involved in the purchase of a home such as lawyers, notaries, financial advisors, etc. This event, if planned correctly, can be profitable to attract new clients, logically, in at this time, the recommendation is that it be done online.

Host A “Buy” Versus “Rent” Workshop

Many people who rent don’t realize that they have the potential to buy a home.  After knowing their purchasing possibilities, they will surely want you to help them find their home.

Mail Several Times A Year

By dropping a flyer in a mailbox, we literally get about 10 seconds of attention to see what we sent before it goes in the trash. This is why we need to reach our clients several times a year.

Place Advertising Hangers On Neighbors’ Doors

Simulating hotel hangers, it is more than effective advertising. No one can resist picking them up and reading them. Take advantage of those seconds of attention to send an important message.

Participate In Merchant Association Events

It is very important that you are part of one of these associations and that, of course, you make yourself known among them. In addition to being able to benefit from many advantages, merchants can also recommend you to their clients.


A poorly planned marketing strategy can be very costly and ineffective.  Whatever marketing strategy you choose to use, don’t expect a quick return. Marketing is a process in which you sow first and then you can reap. You should also develop a budget before beginning any marketing plan. With a little creativity and research, promoting yourself can be very reasonable and profitable.

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