What Is Brand Positioning And What Strategies Exist?

What Is Brand Positioning And What Strategies Exist?

Brand positioning is a key aspect that all companies must work on to achieve success and ensure their permanence in the market. It is aligned with Branding and helps reinforce the corporate identity in the minds of the audience. Are you wondering what brand positioning is? Find out!

What Is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is a concept used in Marketing that can be understood as a reception construct and as an emission construct. As a reception construct, it is the place that a brand, a product or a company occupies in the minds of consumers with respect to the competition. In this way, it gives the company a certain image in the public’s mind, which will differentiate it from its competitors.

As an emission construct, it is the part of the brand identity and its value proposition that companies communicate to the target audience and that represents a competitive advantage. It is built based on the communication made by brands about their attributes, benefits and distinctive values. To ensure that the perceived image matches the desired image, companies must work on their positioning.

Therefore, brand positioning is the association between the brand and a certain attribute in the consumer’s mind. If we want the positioning to be successful, the attribute has to be relevant and differential. If not, we will not get consumers to choose our brand over the competition.

Brand Positioning Strategies

To build a clearly defined place in the public’s mind, brands must be associated with a unique and relevant attribute. Otherwise, they will be meaningless brands. These are the brand positioning strategies that exist:


The strategy focuses on a characteristic and differential attribute of the brand, such as size or age. The more attributes we try to highlight, the more difficult it will be to position ourselves in the minds of consumers. Therefore, it is advisable to base the positioning strategy on a single attribute that allows us to strengthen the brand. The Bimbo brand uses this strategy by offering soft and spongy bread.


In this case, the product or service is positioned based on the benefit it provides to consumers. An example is the Ariel detergent brand, which offers a product capable of removing difficult stains and bad odors from clothing.

Use or application

Highlights the purpose given to a product. It consists of positioning itself as the brand that offers the best product based on a specific use or application. For example, the Monster energy drink brand is consumed when we need energy, usually after playing a sport.


It consists of comparing the advantages and attributes of our brand with those of competing brands to affirm that it is better than them in some sense. This is the case of Oral B, which in many advertisements is compared to other toothpastes to highlight the quality of the product.

Quality or price

The strategy can be based on the quality-price ratio of the product or focus on one of the two aspects. For example, Rolex positions itself as a high-priced luxury watch brand, while Swatch positions itself on the opposite side. In the case of brands that position themselves with high prices, they must offer more benefits and provide more value.

Likewise, there are brands that position themselves based on quality, which is superior to that of others. This is the case of Apple, which positions itself as a brand of high-end electronic equipment.

Product Category

It focuses on positioning the brand as a leader in a product category. A clear example is Coca-Cola, which is a leader in the soft drink category.


Currently, brand positioning must target the digital environment. The better positioned a company is in the online world, the greater its chances of achieving success. To do this, it is essential to choose one of the brand positioning strategies and work on it in all the actions that are developed

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