HTTPS Vs HTTP: Why It Is Very Important For Our Security

HTTPS Vs HTTP: Why It Is Very Important For Our Security

We provided about HTTPS and HTTP major differences in this article. When we surf the Internet, something very important and highly valued by users is security.

We must protect the way in which we connect, since we could jeopardize the proper functioning of our systems, as well as our privacy. Luckily there are many tools and programs that we can use to preserve security. But sometimes it is the pages that we visit themselves that can cause problems. In this article we will explain how HTTPS differs from HTTP and why it is so important for our security.

HTTPS Vs HTTP: Main Differences

When entering a web page through the browser we can see something that precedes the domain itself: HTTPS or HTTP . There are differences between these two protocols. And yes, it can be decisive in saying that a website we visit is unsafe. We will explain why.

If we begin to explain what it is, we can say that they are an acronym in English of what we could translate as Hypertext Transfer Protocol. In English it means HyperText Transfer Protocol . This is how this protocol is known and when we talk about HTTPS, just add the word Secure.

Simplifying things we can therefore say that HTTPS is more secure than HTTP . It is something obvious and that many users know simply by looking at the domain of a web page. But why is it safer?

In both cases we are dealing with a protocol designed to ensure that the data is transferred correctly. That is, it is what allows the data to arrive correctly when requesting a response to a web page. Basically the user enters a page and it is the server that issues the data. Information is exchanged.

The Exchange Of Information

The main difference between HTTPS and HTTP is that in the first case this information exchange is encrypted. It really is a combination of several protocols: HTTPS and SSL / TLS . Without a doubt, this allows the pages that we visit when browsing to be more secure and that our data will be sent in encrypted form.

This comment may not be very relevant if we enter a website where we only read information. For example, a site we come to to find information about a place we want to travel to. But it does become much more important if we are going to enter personal information on that page. It can be through a form, when registering, sending messages … In these cases it is essential to navigate through pages encrypted by HTTPS to improve security and always preserve privacy.

If we enter a page that works through HTTP and send information, that data could be intercepted by other users. This could happen for example when accessing through public networks and that may be configured for it.

Without a doubt, HTTPS is very important when we are going to navigate through pages that are sensitive . By this we mean, for example, when accessing our bank accounts, platforms such as PayPal or social networks. There we manage a lot of vital information, such as passwords, access credentials or messages that we can exchange with other users.

There Are Also Differences In Speed

On the other hand, there are also differences in terms of speed . A site that is based on HTTP is normally that it works faster than a page as well as going through HTTPS. Why? The reason is simple: the encryption and decryption process takes time. But this is not something that we should worry too much about, since everything is very well optimized and really for the end user there are no big differences.

In the case of HTTP, it uses port 80 for communication, while HTTPS uses 443. It is another of the differences that we can name.

Also, although this is more for those who have a web page, there are notable differences regarding SEO . This did not matter so much a few years ago, but today Google values ​​websites that have encryption much more. Even some browsers such as Google Chrome can mark a page that works through HTTP as insecure.

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