All About Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations

All About Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations

The marketing, advertising and public relations professions have many things in common. Their main role is to promote brands as well as their products. Also, they are accessible to everyone and can have many opportunities. Focus.

What Are The Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations Professions?

There is a strong correlation between the marketing, advertising and relations professions in addition to the fact that they belong to the same field (that of management). They are mainly carried out in companies and contribute greatly to their development.

When it comes to marketing, it allows companies to implement a number of strategies that can allow them to sell their different products quite easily. Also, he participates in the improvement of the latter in addition to contributing to the development of a clientele.

As for advertising, know that it is also intended to develop the image and awareness of a brand or product. It is therefore intended to influence consumer behavior by encouraging them, in particular, to carry out a certain number of operations.

As for public relations, they define how companies communicate with their audience. In addition, they allow many structures to establish several relationships with the media (priority, paid or earned) to whom are addressed, for example, many press releases. Unlike marketing, public relations is not necessarily intended to impact the sale of a product. Rather, they are intended to promote the notoriety of companies or to guarantee them better visibility. 

Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations Professions: For Which Opportunities?

The professions of marketing, advertising and public relations offer many opportunities for people in their world. The latter may therefore have access to several professions. This probably explains why these jobs are so appreciated.

Marketing professions

People who have completed a training in marketing can for example be marketing manager, merchant, brand manager or web marketing manager. Also, they can be marketing assistant, product manager, and even category manager.

Advertising professions

Advertising professions can be articulated around three categories of profession: strategists, creatives and salespeople. Strategists include within themselves, the professions of marketing director, strategic planner or media planner. 

Professionals in the creative professions category include copywriters, web designers, graphic designers. The category of commercial professions refers to the professions of advertising manager, planning manager and commercial or customer director.

Public relations professions

Students or anyone who has benefited from training in public relations is able to practice the profession of public relations and communication manager. Better still, she can work in companies as a communications assistant or be hired as a press officer.

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