The Power Of Visual Content In Digital Marketing For Companies: Tips And Tricks

The Power Of Visual Content In Digital Marketing For Companies: Tips And Tricks

Visual Content Marketing: Digital marketing is a highly productive element. In fact, we are currently immersed in much more information than we can consume. In the digital marketing segment, companies of all types are aware that it has become an integral part of any successful business strategy.

Faced with a showcase overloaded with information, it seems almost impossible to produce content that generates engagement or, at least, is read. However, amid the large volume of existing content there is a fast and efficient method to absorb and reproduce information. We refer to the use of visual content. A digital marketing strategy with high potential to generate interaction and which is easy to understand.

What Is Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content digital marketing is a strategy through which digital marketing companies use visual elements to communicate messages and information and achieve a higher conversion rate. It is based on the idea that images and videos are more attractive and memorable to people than text alone.  We live in a visual age. We are surrounded by images and videos on our social networks, online ads and on television. Therefore, it is logical to take advantage of this resource in terms of digital marketing for companies.

Visual content can be anything from a simple photo of a product to a complex explainer video. It can include infographics, charts, illustrations, presentations, or even memes.

The key is that it must be an attractive and relevant element for the target audience. It should tell a story, convey an idea, or provide information in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

What Are The Main Types Of Visual Content?

There are many different types of visual content that we can use in digital marketing for companies. The formats are very varied and offer different specifications and benefits depending on which one is:


They are one of the simplest and most effective forms of visual content. These can be product photos, stock images, illustrations, graphics, and more. The use of images, whether photographs or vector images (illustrations), appear daily in blog posts, social networks and search engines.

Did you know that users who follow instructions presented in a combination of text and images perform 323% better than those who follow publications without visual content?


They are incredibly attractive visual resources for digital marketing and can convey a wealth of information in an easy-to-understand way. These can be product videos, tutorials, customer testimonials, advertisements, and more.

Until now, 80% of Internet traffic is made up of videos and, furthermore, it can be said that they will continue to be a trend in the coming years.

And that’s not all. Organic engagement on Facebook is estimated to increase 8.7x when posts contain videos.


They are a great way to present complex information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Infographic content is essentially the perfect fusion between text and illustration, as it generates a harmonious balance between information, statistical data and design.

This combination is successful for a good reason: it is attractive and easy to understand.

As for digital marketing resources, companies of all types use infographics to explain a process, show data, tell a story and much more.


They are a great way to share information in a structured and easy-to-follow way. And, in addition, they are valid in different segments, since it is possible to make sales, training or education presentations, among others.

Interactive Charts

It is a visual representation with clickable elements, which are programmed to trigger certain actions when interacting with them. It is an innovative and effective method of presenting data. Interactive graphics are a great way to engage your audience and make information more effective.

If the information is hidden in the interactive elements, only people who are really interested will click to find out more.

Memes and GIFs

Memes and GIFs are perfect if you want to add a touch of humor to your content. However, it is worth knowing that there are times when they should not be used.

GIFs are small animations that represent a different and fun way to convey a visual message. They also pack a punch when used wisely and brand appropriate.

The meme fever has also reached the world of marketing and offers very interesting results. Of course, despite generating engagement and being popular, memes must be used carefully and in the appropriate media, to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Memes can appear in video, image or GIF format, being a light way to get in touch with your buyer persona.

User generated content

An ideal way to save time in creating visual content for the web and especially social networks is to share content generated by the user/client.

Many brands have created such campaigns over the years, regularly sharing the content their users publish, always giving them credit in the process.

Would you know what type of content generated by your users would be positive for your brand image?

Why Should Visual Content Be Applied To My Business Plan?

Visual content is a powerful tool in digital marketing because it can help a company stand out in a saturated market.

We live in an age of information overload, and people are constantly bombarded by messages and advertisements. Visual content can help every business capture the attention of its target audience and keep it. Visual content can help a company communicate information more effectively.

Many times, an image can convey an idea or concept much faster and more clearly than text. This is a huge advantage in a world where people often don’t have the time or patience to read long blocks of text. Additionally, visual content can help generate emotions and create connections with your target audience. Images and videos can evoke emotions in a way that text simply cannot, which can lead to greater customer engagement and loyalty.

Steps To Take Into Account Before Starting To Use Visual Content

Before diving into the exciting world of visual content, it is important to keep a few critical aspects in mind.

We know that planning and strategy are key to any company digital marketing initiative. And visual content is no exception.

Define the objectives

Before starting to create visual content, it is important to be clear about what you hope to achieve. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Generate leads? Boost sales? Having clear objectives will help create content that is effective and relevant.

Who is the target audience?

To create visual content that is attractive and relevant, we need to understand each company’s target audience. What sort of data does it benefit them? Which social networking sites do they use the most frequently?

Choose the right type of visual content

Not all visual content is appropriate for all situations. We recommend analyzing the previous elements in detail to be able to recommend to our clients the type of content that is most appropriate.

How To Create A Visual Content Strategy On Social networks + Tricks

Social media is an incredibly powerful platform for digital marketing. And, specifically, in digital marketing, companies in all sectors turn to visual content that can play a key role in their strategy.

However, simply posting random images and videos is not enough. We need a coherent and well thought out strategy.

Not all social networks are the same and each one has its own characteristics and demographics.

For example, Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for engaging visual content, while LinkedIn is better suited for professional and business content.

This can include infographics, videos, images or other types of resources, as long as they are aligned with the brand and its objectives. All this under the umbrella of a regular and consistent publication schedule to keep the audience engaged and interested.

Creating engaging visual content is not an easy task, but with a little creativity and effort, it is possible to stand out in the saturated world of social media.

One of the “tricks” is to make sure the content is high quality. Blurry or pixelated images, or videos with poor lighting or sound, can damage your brand and alienate your audience.

Furthermore, it is important to be original and authentic. Instead of just copying what everyone else is doing, you have to find your own style and voice. This will help you stand out and attract people who really identify with your brand.

Professional Services For a Visual Content Strategy

Although it is possible to create and execute a visual content strategy on your own, to achieve the results you want it is advisable to hire a professional digital marketing company.

As experts in digital marketing for companies, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to maximize the impact of your visual content and help you achieve your goals.

Creating high-quality visual content requires considerable skills and resources, and can be difficult to juggle alongside all your other business responsibilities.

Additionally, visual content is not a magic bullet. It needs to be part of a broader, coherent digital marketing strategy, and needs to be constantly managed and optimized for the best results. Otherwise, everything you do, or seem to do, may be champagne and confetti: extremely fun, vibrant, colorful and colorful, but as trivial as it is irrelevant in terms of results.

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