Torrentz2 (2022) | Best Top Alternative Sites To Torrentz2 (UPDATED)

Torrentz2 (2022) | Best Top Alternative Sites To Torrentz2 (UPDATED)

We know you love torrentz2, and we’re sorry to announce that the site is gone for good. No need to worry as we have other options available too! Below are the best-picked popular torrenting sites worth checking out. We’ve listed these torrent sites below according to their popularity. 

What Is The Torrentz2 Website?

Before we give a list of the alternative sites, let us briefly introduce what Torrentz2 is or, in this case, was. Torrentz2 emerged as a replica website of the popular Torrentz search engine, which had been prohibited owing to litigation. Torrentz is a Bit Torrent website in Finland founded in 2003 by a man named Flippy

It was claimed to be the biggest torrent site on the internet. In 2016, Torrentz was shut down due to legal issues, and this led to the birth of Torrentz2. The torrentz2 website is still being operated as of August 2017.

Torrentz2 does not give any preferential treatment to any site, so even if you go through all other alternatives, nothing has changed in this respect except for design. The only thing you can expect from Torrentz2 is that it will not have any downtime or errors or cannot be relocated or blocked by your ISP. At least, this was the case.

A few years after the launching of Torrentz2, it succumbed to the same fate as its parent site, Torrentz. This site is not working in many regions, and the ISPs also banned it. Torrentz2 was also closed as a domain name.

The Basic Features Of Torrentz2

  • Filtering files (Torrentz2) based on age and quality

The filtering system of Torrentz2 is not as comprehensive as that of its predecessor; however, it does give an excellent result with the filtering system. You can select which file types are to be downloaded for specific categories. This is done by clicking on the “Search” button and filling in the appropriate information in the Filter Pop-up window.

  • No subscription charges

Torrentz2 is completely free of any sort of cost, so you can download as much as you want without worrying about getting charged.

  • Registration is not mandatory.

The website does not request any sort of registration for you to be able to download files. You can also use your account to invite your friends as well and create new accounts.

  • Download

Torrentz2 has a simple download system where Torrentz2 itself automatically decides the file size and format of the files based on what is available in its database.

  • It (Torrentz2) can’t be copyrighted.

Torrentz2 considers that downloading files is beyond the control of the copyright holder so; therefore, it does not prohibit any file type, no matter how popular or deserving of copyright.

  • Torrentz2 Streaming Interface

For the users who love streaming their torrent files, it’s straightforward to do so via Torrentz2 because it has an intuitive interface.

  • Aesthetics

Torrentz2 has an attractive and visually appealing interface that can be used by novice and experienced users.

  • Sharing

The website has various options and filters that can be used to search for files. An excellent selection of quality links is available on torrentz2, making it one of the best torrent sites ever.

Torrentz2 Proxy Sites

Even though we mentioned that Torrentz2 is no longer serving its users, it has several proxy sites that are similar to Torrentz2 and offer services. These sites are:


Instructions For Use

1. Search for the torrents using the search button or browse through the categories. The website automatically selects which files are available in high quality and which ones are low quality and gives you the best of both worlds without you having to do anything except choose the file type from its rich filtering system.

2. As soon as you click on the given download link, the file will start downloading automatically.

3. If you have selected a high-quality file, you will have many options, such as MP4, 3GP or AVI, etc., choose the format you want and then click on the “Download” button.

If it’s a low-quality file, it will automatically play in your default video player once the download is over. There is no option to change it back and forth as this feature is unavailable for low-quality files.

4. That’s it! This is how you use torrentz2 proxy sites. Enjoy!

Best Alternative Sites To Torrentz2

Now that you know a little about the Torrentz2 website let us move to the list of the most popular and alternative trending sites. Some of these sites do not work anymore or have been taken down, and some are still working perfectly fine; there are many other alternatives on the internet that you can use, so make sure to look around a lot before settling for any particular one.

Top 6 Alternative Sites To Torrentz2

Pirate Bay

Now, we start with the most popular alternative site to Torrentz2, which is the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay has been one of the most controversial sites ever since its inception in 2003. 

The site was founded by three friends, who initially used it to share files and record music and other forms of media. But as time passed by, so did its popularity, and it became a haven for all kinds of pirated material.

The site is still thriving and has never been blocked by the ISPs. It’s not just filed; the site has various pirated games or software, movies, and music. Its server-side is based in Sweden and is managed by those who are only too ready to face the consequences if caught.


1337x is another torrent website with Torrentz2 as its alternative. This fantastic torrent site was launched in 2008 and has ever since been a favorite for pirates all over the world. It is also free of cost and doesn’t require registration or log-in to download content, just like its alternative Torrentz2.

The site is not only home to pirated movies and software but also pirated x-rated content. It is managed by a team of very active and knowledgeable professionals about the technology they use. The user interface is simple and similar to that of The Pirate Bay.

It also offers categories for various sorts of information. You may discover whatever type of entertainment you want, from movies and television series to anime and audiobooks. 


RARBG is one of the top torrent sites, with Torrentz2 as its alternative. The RARBG team is also very active in giving frequent updates to the site and providing faster downloads and better search tools. It was founded in 2008 and has provided fast downloads and a wide range of file formats to cater to its users.

The site is free, meaning no payment or registration is required here. You will find illegal downloads of movies, TV shows, music videos, and X-rated material on the site. 

The interface of RARBG is user-friendly and straightforward, just like other torrent sites on our list. If you’re looking for fast downloads and a wide range of file formats, then RARBG should be your go-to site.


Torrent9 is another torrent website that Torrentz2 has as its alternative. It was founded in 2003. The best part about this torrent site is that the file size is automatically calculated based on the content in its database, thus saving you from waiting for a size reduction tool which can cause lags during your download process.

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is another popular alternative to Torrentz2. This torrent site was launched in 2008 and has ever since been a favorite for pirates all over the world. It has many categories ranging from audio and video to games and music.

The site also hosts anime; even though this is not so much a pirate website as of late, it still provides complete access to pirated content and does not tolerate copyright violations. 

Lime Torrents offers an exciting feature called the ‘health bar’ that appears beside each torrent file and allows you to check the quality of that Torrent, and it merely indicates whether or not the file is safe to download. 


KAT stands for Kickass Torrents, and it, like the original website, allows magnet links and has an extensive directory of movies and series. It’s one of the most popular torrent mirrors available on the internet. 

It was founded in 2008 and has ever since been a favorite for pirates all over the world. It does not have many torrents compared to other sites on the list, but it is one of those sites that respects its users’ privacy and keeps no logs. Furthermore, the site has an excellent community component where you can get regular updates of torrents to download.

The site was taken down by the U.S authorities quite some time ago, but it has since been revived several times by replacing old domains with new ones. 

Important Notes

1. Be careful when downloading

We highly recommend that you do not download the torrent files by double-clicking on any offending file, as this may lead to malware infections and data leakage.

2. Try to use VPNs

These days, the internet has become a lot more privacy savvy, and most, if not all, governments worldwide are monitoring internet activities, including your online downloading habits. In such circumstances, we urge you to use an excellent virtual private network (VPN) as it helps you stay anonymous while downloading files via torrent sites.


Our list of alternative website sites to Torrentz2 is by no means exhaustive, but we tried to include the most popular sites that people will be interested in. We tried only to include web links that are still working and not blocked by your ISP or government. 

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