Kickasstorrent (2022): Unblock Proxy Or Mirror Links | Download Bollywood, Hollywood Movies For Free

Kickasstorrent (2022): Unblock Proxy Or Mirror Links | Download Bollywood, Hollywood Movies For Free

Until 2015, Kickasstorrent, or KAT, was the most popular torrent website. KAT was first founded in 2008 and has since grown to become the most popular torrent file directory. It had over 1 million daily visitors at the time; however, the Kickass Torrents website was confiscated by the government of the US, and it went down in 2016.

Kickass Torrent is a highly regarded torrents service with countless movies available for streaming by millions worldwide. If you’re seeing for an all-in-one streaming service, the KickassTorrent search engine is the best option. It boasts a notable film, software, video game, and television show collection.

The Kickass Site was known for its no-fee copyrighted software and movies. Users would download free software or files, whether they were purchased or not. The US authorities locked down the website for spreading unofficial content. It was famous during its brief existence because users could download purchased or free software and data for free, making it a popular site among internet pirates.

KickassTorrents New Domain

The original website of KickassTorrents is returning with a new domain,, after a long break. The new website, brought by the original crew, appears precisely like A different user database and secure components were used to rebuild the website. Due to the heavy server load, users are having some difficulty loading the website right now.

Following the demise of KickassTorrents, the world’s most successful torrent website, plenty of fake proxies appeared. This also aided the growth of other torrent websites. Former KickassTorrents employees created this website and banded together to create a community website, and it also didn’t provide any torrent links. A bigger group of KickassTorrent members has founded, a torrent-filled website.

The fully functional torrent site resembles the defunct Most of the previous KAT site administrators and staff have joined the new initiative; the KATcr team told TF. “This demonstrates our shared loyalty, dedication, and genuine love for KAT (KickassTorrent).”

Some of the most well-known KickassTorrents uploaders, whom the pirate world trusts, have returned. The website is scheduled to be updated with new information soon. According to the new domain of the KAT crew, the site was renovated to ensure the members’ security and that only the safety aspects were preserved.

The employees also expect that the website’s original employees will soon be released and that the conclusion of the upcoming legal action would be favorable to them. is currently loading very slowly, most likely due to a high server load. It’s possible that some of you won’t be able to retrieve it at all.

Is Safe?

The appropriate response is that it is debatable, and it depends on the area, what privacy rules exist in your country, and so forth.

In a lot of nations, surfing torrent websites is indeed not secure at all, and it might get you into legal trouble. However, you will receive a series of cautions before cops arrive at your house. Your internet service provider, for example, may advise you not to access a torrent website, and they may even prohibit access to the website on your network.

Furthermore, they have the potential to reduce your bandwidth. Even after that, you continue to do so. Then there’s the possibility that you’ll run into legal troubles.

However, the response to Is it safe to use KAT or not? I would say sure, but certain things you should keep in mind. Although you will not be prosecuted, trying to download using Torrent will draw viruses on your computer. As a result, you’ll have many computer issues in the future.

On the other hand, the virus problem can be solved by utilizing a good antivirus program. However, if your privacy is a concern, I advise you to remain completely anonymous while downloading torrent files.

Compared to other torrent sites, it is unquestionably reliable, as there are several quality uploads of practically every content. The feature that makes it credible is that it has a user community where people rate torrents as good or bad. You can also check who gave the rating and thus confirm if your Torrent was labeled good or bad by a credentialed genuine person.

How Can You Access KAT Safely?

You must remain safe and secure while visiting your favorite torrent websites. You also have a variety of methods for browsing torrent sites anonymously, and VPN is one such solution. However, as you are undoubtedly aware, VPN is a premium service. Nevertheless, there are two further possibilities.

So let’s go over all of the reasons one at a time:


First and foremost, you should use a VPN because it is one of the most secure options available. VPNs are well-known for providing the highest levels of security and privacy. They also don’t have a logging policy. As a result, they do not keep or share any of your browsing history with third parties.

When you join a VPN connection, you are removed from the rest of the internet, and your data is sent through a secure channel. As an outcome, it’s practically impossible for the sensors to figure out what you’re up to.

However, as you may be aware, VPN plans may be quite costly. However, there are plenty of free VPN providers available. However, we would not advise you to utilize them since they are unreliable.

Tor Browser

A TOR Browser seems to be the second solution that you can attempt. Tor refers to The Onion Router; however, it is a service that allows you to access the black web. On the other hand, TOR is an anonymized browser that keeps your data secure and safe.

The Tor browser connects to a variety of servers. As a result, no traces are left behind whenever traffic passes through this browser. As a result, it’s difficult for anyone to keep track of your activities.

The browser’s best feature is that this is free software, and as a result, you can have it for free. However, the browser’s only flaw is its slowness.

Web Proxy

Web proxies are similar to VPNs, but they aren’t as secure. You could call it the web-based counterpart of a VPN connection. You could choose your favorite web server while utilizing a Web Proxy, and the website would link your target website while routing you through the local server.

Your ISP would not be able to detect your activity this way. As a result, the KickassTorrent website allows you to explore and download torrents. Furthermore, the majority of proxy sites are entirely free to use, and however, not a single one of them is trustworthy.

How To Download Content From KickassTorrent?

To begin, you’ll need a torrent client. There are numerous solutions available to you, and Utorrent, deluge, and BitTorrent are some of the most popular torrent clients. To demonstrate, we would recommend you to use uTorrent.

After installing the torrent client, you’ll need to determine what you want to download. Let’s get “Titanic” downloaded.

There are several torrent sites where you may search for torrents. ThePirateBay, KickassTorrents, and others are among them.

After typing “Titanic” into the search field, select “Search” from the drop-down menu. You will now have a large selection of torrents from which to choose. Select one of these. Some torrents may be fake, and you should be cautious and check the comments/screenshots to ensure the quality. Then choose the first one to download.

Now, below the Download, tap on “Get This Torrent,” which is written in green font. A dialogue box displays, allowing you to select the content you want to download. The client we’ll be using is “uTorrent.” “OK” should be clicked.

Then the Download starts. In this way, you can download any content or movie from KickassTorrent.

Blocked Domains Of Kickasstorrent

These domains are permanently prohibited and cannot be unblocked:

  • kat. cr
  • thekat. tv
  • Kickass. to
  • kat. ph

Kickasstorrent Alternatives

A new domain is needed to continue delivering services online if a website is barred or forbidden. As a result, various proxy links have been developed to protect customers from service disruptions. If the page does not load, you can use one of the several proxy addresses listed below.


To summarize, I believe that KickassTorrent is a wonderful free search engine for downloading and enjoying free movies and other media. The main feature of this search engine is that it is entirely free, and as a result, you are free to download as much content as you like. 

Last but not least, considerable caution is essential while utilizing this search engine because it is illegal and could result in severe consequences. Furthermore, we do not promote any pirate or torrent-related websites; instead, we are here to tell our visitors about websites already listed in Google.

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