All You Need To Know About Softphone

All You Need To Know About Softphone

Reducing travel times with the use of a Softphone. Having commute times greater than an hour is a reality for most workers in large cities around the world. Spending considerable time in traffic can take a toll on people, in fact, it is associated with the origin of mental, physical and health problems, such as weight gain, stress and physical pain.

Because of this, people in management positions need to make it a priority to offer a solution to employees who live far from the workplace that allows them to take a break from those long car or public transportation trips . By enabling a more flexible way of working from different locations – such as the ability to work from home – employees can improve their quality of life, while being just as or more productive and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Modern telecommunications technologies can provide a remote work (telecommuting) solution that helps workers with long commute times to keep working while keeping unnecessary stress aside. By implementing this type of communication as part of your remote work strategy, you benefit your employees and company in the following ways:

Increase In Worker Satisfaction

Large moves can leave people feeling burned out, isolated, and ultimately dissatisfied with their jobs. Being able to work from home can counteract some of those negative effects. With the use of Softphone, workers have access to Unified Communications tools – instant messaging or web conferencing, to give an example – simply by installing the software on the device of their choice such as PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone .

Increase In Productivity

Workers can save 3-4 hours a day or more by eliminating driving, trains, buses and subways. Also, with the use of a softphone, employees are no longer cut off during commute times or delays due to excess traffic or transportation problems. Instead, workers can make and receive calls, receive voicemails, and even see the presence of coworkers—all from their personal devices.

Maintain A Unified Work Culture

With a software-based PBX, every incoming and outgoing call made by a remote worker is made as if it originated physically from within your office. A software-based solution provides the same security and reliability as if the worker were communicating from their desk phone. This consistency in communications supports your company’s reputation while meeting the needs of your long-distance workers.

The time is now, let your workers take a break from vehicular traffic. With the use of a Softphone you can maintain the productivity of your company and free your workers from stress in one fell swoop.

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