Everything You Need To Know About Landing Pages

Everything You Need To Know About Landing Pages

Landing Pages plays a pivotal role in generating leads. It’s an open secret: the success of a performance campaign is closely linked to the work done on the design and content of the landing pages . Likewise, the failure of many campaigns is due to not knowing how to take advantage of these indispensable tools. 

In this post, we will analyze some of the main weaknesses when developing landing pages, and the strong points that we must focus on so that they become elements of success:

When it comes to talking about errors , the most frequent are the following:

  • Existence of vanishing points : diverse elements that distract attention and diverse links outside the registration route
  • Basic benefit of unclear or not attractive enough registry
  • Design with a call-to-action not sufficiently noticeable , at the graphic level
  • Little matching of the landing with the ad originating the click

These aspects, which seem trivial at first glance, can be extremely complex in systems with a huge capillarity of content and with permanent offer updates (for example: coupon offers , temporary private sales websites , etc.).

How To Have Effective Landings ?

  • Design landings with dynamic content (content obtained directly from the client): customize aspects such as prices, cities of the offer, partner / program of the offer, text of the offer, photo of the offer …
  • Play with different landing formats for the same content ( different layouts for identical content and registration forms)
  • Automate the publication of landings to the most effective formats of the possible alternatives (A / B tests)

The potential is huge. With a few design changes we can improve by 5%, but if we really invest in this area we can overcome improvements of 50% .

Finally, at the level of tracking and evaluation of results, it is essential not to stay at the level of CPL . In most cases the ultimate goal is to get a sale and this should be our optimization goal; therefore we have to measure the sales achieved by each lead . This way we can optimize all our investment at the ROI level . There are multiple possible measures:

  • Conversion to buyer (yes / no)
  • No. of sales , in period X
  • Amount of sales in period X
  • Sales margin in period X

Each client and program will define those ROI measures that are most in line with their business. Ideally, this data should be analyzed at the level of multiple aggregations (creative / format / campaign / support / offer /) in order to optimize the most effective click-lead routes.

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